Monday, April 16, 2018

MakeYour Small Robots Much Smaller April.13, 2018

We make rough-surface shims.
When you use it for your small robot joints, what will happen?

With its rough surface of shims, namely with their higher friction, joints become tighter and  rattling between the jointed parts will be reduced.
 If you use 4 bolts in one joint with the current joint method, our rough-suraf shims may help you to use only 3 bolts in the same joint. Or joint parts may be smaller.

This way if you have higher-friction shims, the number of parts may be reduced and joint parts may be smaller.  This brings abour cost efficiency.

Our high-friction shims are:
- Base material is high tensile stainless steel like SUS304H, thickness from 0.1mm.
- They have about 50 micron thick layer with rough surface on both surface of the base matrial.

Dymco's Rough-Surface ShimsSurface of Dymco's rough-surface shims
Dymco's Rough-Surface Shims / An enlarged photo of the rough suface

PLease do not hesitate to try out our shim.



Friday, April 6, 2018

Can Even make Pressed Flowers?! Double Belt Press Heating System Apr. 6, 2018.

Recently “Sakura Letter”, which means the announcement that the cherry blossoms have started to bloom are received from various places in Japan.

Here in Yokohama, White Angelita and Flowering Peach are in bloom also. It is exactly "Spring has come!" what I wanted to say.

Flower reminds me of “Pressed Flowers”. I can still remember how to put some heavy books and making pressed flowers in my childhood. Nothing else can do but wait until the flower turns dry and been pressed for several days. It’s a quite boring work, isn’t it? Today, in DYMCO, there is a device to heat and press an object continuously and quickly.

It is Double Belt Heat Press Conveyer . It is a device that enables continuous heating and pressurization by clamping an object between two stainless belts while transporting it. Since cooling is also possible as well as heating, it can be used for various purposes such laminating resin films, prepreg formation, processing composite materials, bonding and crimping process followed by cooling process.

For more details, please contact us from the inquiry page within the DYMCO website, please feel free to contact us.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Cylindrical Stamper, Seamless Stamper, Reproduction of Stampers Mar. 30, 2018

Dymco exhibited Converting Technology Exhibition 2018 in Tokyo in February this year.
There our cylindrical stamper received attentions from visitors.

For one thing our stamper is not a flat plate, but cylindrical.
We make it by electroforming technology.
Therefore, our cylindrical stamper is completely seamless.
With this cylindrical stamper, stamping is performed continuously.

Another thing is that we can reproduce cylindrical stampers repeatedly,again by use of electroforming technology.
It results in significant reduce of stamper cost!

We can also manufacture the center hard roll, the core of the cylindrical stamper.
For stampers, we can help you.


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Packing Case of Metal Bands Mar. 23, 2018

When we ship metal bands, we pack them in cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, or wooden cases.
Cardboard, you may feel it is fragile for shipping overseas!
But those damages are very rare.  We use firm cardboard for export packing of metal bands.

Cardboard was first made in the U.K. as new material sustaining silk huts!  
It was breathable and good cushioning, the best for silk huts.
Later it spread to the U.S. and in 1909 its manufacturing started in Japan.

In environmental aspects  
cardboard is 100% natural and renewable products.
They finally come back to the earth.  

Our metal bands are thin and needs care when packing.
We select the best cardboard and packing material and send metal bands everyday overseas.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Why not upgrade by metal belts and metal belt conveyors? Mar. 19, 2018

In the daily inquiries, we often see customers who try the metal belt for the first time.
So, today I listed the general advantages of metal belts.

1) Low risk of contamination. Unlike plastic belts, metal belts make little dust and fray come out from its surface.
2) The metal belt features very flat and smooth surface.
3) The metal belt is heat resistant, corrosion resistant, and, wear resistant.   
4) The metal belt is sanitary, and suitable for a food conveyor. 
5) Elongation of metal belts is very limited, which contributes the high precision power transmission and transportation.

The applications of the metal belt are power transmission in robot arms, high precision intermittent /continues conveyors.
Recently, we also receive number of inquiries for the process systems developed from metal belt conveyors, such as vacuum conveyors and double belt press conveyors.
For the vacuum conveyors and double belt press conveyors, we have demonstration conveyors in our laboratory. trials and tests are available on these conveyors.
On our new double belt press demonstration conveyor (Double Press No.2), maximum pressure is up to 3000kgf, maximum temperature is up to 250 degrees Celsius on the belt surface, and the belts are 400mm wide.
Additionally, cooling process is available on our Double Press No.2 as well as heating.
The detail of Double Press No.2 will be uploaded on our website soon.

We provide a questionnaire to summarize the of the customers’ requirements.
We can provide design the belt and the strength calculation through the information on the questionnaire.

If you are interested in metal belts, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are open to any requests or questions.
Looking forward to hearing an inquiry from you.


Friday, March 9, 2018

Steel Belt as Band Electrode Mar. 9, 2018

T-die method is one of the major ways to produce plastic films.
Thin melted plastic is extruded from the T-die and goes down to the chill roler.
At this point the band electrode or the wire is used to charge thin film to get it stick to the chill roller tight without generating bubbles. 

DYMCO supplies these band electrodes.
These bands are thin stainless steel open belts, thickness 50 micron meters.

Advantages of stainless steel belts as band electrodes are:

1. Ultra thin
2. Highly tensile

3. Belt edges are rounded.  No burrs.

Band Electrode, 50-micron thick stainless steel belts
One belt is wound on the original reel 

Also visit the blog of the last year on band electrode for details.

If you have problems with  the band elecrodes or wires you are using now,
we are more than welcome to hearing from you.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Upcoming event for Dymco, Converting Technology Exhibition 2018! Feb. 13 ,2018

Dimco will also exhibit at "Converting Technology Exhibition 2018"  held in Tokyo Big Sight from February 14 to 16, 2018 this year.

Our booth will be at No. 3T-15
East hall.
We will exhibit our processing tech that supports  Converting Technology such as  printing, coating and laminating.
We are very excited to meet you and show you our unique products there.

・Our major display products
    ・Replica Mold
    ・Low-inertia roll
    ・Air roll
    ・Micro pattern sleeve 
    ・Ultra-thin metal roll materials
    ・Double steel belt heat press conveyor
    ・Vacuum suction conveyor

The details of the exhibtion
    ・neo functional material
       (Materials zone, Neo functional paper zone, Prototyping / Contracting zone, Machinery zone )
    ・Printable Electronics
    ・3Decotech Expo

DATE: February 14 (Wed.) - 16 (Fri.), 2018VENUE: Tokyo Big sight East hall 2-3 

If any of you do not have the invitation, just hit the link below to get free admission with online registration.